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Buzzers, Connectors, Encoders, Microphones, Speakers, Thermal Management

Electromechanical Components for an Interconnected World

Accelerating technological advances are allowing individuals across the globe to connect like never before. As you work to develop tomorrow's innovative designs, we are here to support you with a portfolio of proven electromechanical components.


Featured Products

Mid-Mount Audio Connectors

Ideally suited for low profile design requirements in consumer electronics applications. Switch options include ring switch, tip switch, and two or three switch configurations.

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AMT 11 Series Encoders

28 mm, 48 ~ 4096 PPR, Incremental, Capacitive Modular Encoder

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Low Profile Speakers

Diameters as small as 10 mm and depths as low as 2.9 mm, designed for handheld devices and other space-constrained application.

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