Bringing Value Back to the Power Equation


Bringing Value Back to the Power Equation

Over the past decade, the power industry has continually been driven by demands for cheaper power supplies. The notion that “power is a necessary evil” is still the underlying sentiment, even in a world that demands greater performance and efficiency from its devices. CUI’s Mark Adams discusses the need to shift the paradigm on power in the February issue of Bodo’s Power Systems.

The article begins, "...while it’s true that power is not what makes the internet work; it is the sophisticated processing infrastructure of switches, routers, servers, etc that drives the web, it is quickly being realized that the power system can no longer be an afterthought when performance and efficiency is a priority."

It continues by highlighting how times are changing in the power industry because of the challenges faced in keeping up with the rapid rise in processing performance. And, "To complicate matters for power supply companies, while demand for faster access to larger amounts of data via a reliable and secure infrastructure accelerates, the expectation is that board mount power supplies will keep up with new levels of performance at the commoditized price levels of the past."

Mark Adams concludes the article by addressing today's needs and discussing how CUI is striving to take a different approach to properly understand the power requirements of tomorrow's network designs.

Read the full article on pg. 40 of the February 2014 issue

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