Power Electronics 2014 Forecast Part 1: Power Supplies


Power Electronics 2014 Forecast Part 1: Power Supplies

In this article published by Power Electronics three power supply executives, including CUI’s Mark Adams, share their thoughts on how the power supply industry will advance in 2014. The article begins:

The rapid pace of technology advances will be readily evident in the power supply sector this year, according to several industry experts interviewed by Power Electronics. Their thoughts follow.

From Mark Adams, Senior Vice President, CUI Inc.

Three things in life are certain, death, taxes and incremental improvements in technology. But, for the power market, 2014 will break this rule as technological and environmental forces push power from being an afterthought to playing a starring role in next-generation systems.

2013 saw emerging power technologies begin to move to the mainstream. Digital power supplies became, if not mainstream then, a non-niche product. The early adopters (mostly telecom and datacom OEMs) were joined by smaller companies from multiple industries; driven by a need to address the power challenges of the latest generation ICs, and a move by digital power vendors towards simpler methods of implementation. Fig. 1 shows a 50 A power supply that employs auto compensation.

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