Power Experts Ponder Moore’s Law And Today’s Tech


Power Experts Ponder Moore’s Law And Today’s Tech

In this Electronic Design roundtable, Chance Dunlap, Senior Marketing and Applications Manager at Intersil ,Mark Adams, Senior Vice President at CUI, and Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing and Communications Director at Ericsson Power Modules discuss the increasing challenges advanced ICs pose for power system architects.

The article begins, "Moore’s Law continues to enable ever more computing power. The integration of billions of transistors on a single die in multicore processors and other advanced devices such as ASICs and FPGAs, even if supply voltages are down to 1 V or less at the core of the chip, has meant that current demand is beginning to exceed 100 A at the point-of-load (POL)."

"Electronic Design: With power requirements for many of today’s ICs quickly rising above 100 A, what challenges arise for engineers who are tasked with designing the architecture to power these devices?"

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