Power Forward: A Look Ahead to 2014


Power Forward: A Look Ahead to 2014

In his latest EDN Power Forward post, CUI Senior Vice President Mark Adams reflects on the 2013 digital power supply market and addresses what’s ahead in 2014. The article begins, “‘Tis the season to be jolly.”

“Thanksgiving has just passed, the tryptophan hangover has worn off, and the run up to the holidays has begun. This means (in my house at least) eggnog, overindulgence and a skyrocketing electricity bill thanks to my exterior illumination addiction.”

“And, this being a power blog… it’s also the time to look back over the last year and make predictions for next.”

“So, a quick nod to 2013. This was a good year for the digital power supply market and the last 12 months (well, 12-18) saw the industry begin to address a problem of complexity in digital power supplies (put in for the early adopters from the telecom and datacom sectors) and attract smaller companies from multiple industries.”

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