The Power of Things

We are in the midst of the largest technology evolution of our time. The Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the proliferation of smart objects and network connectivity, creating opportunities for virtually every industry and application. Behind this growth is you, the engineer, inventing new ways to merge innovative technology with the products individuals and businesses use on a daily basis. Though expanding the technology horizon creates significant power challenges, we offer convenient solutions and a collaborative design approach to support your most demanding applications. While you work on the designs that will shape the future, our proven power products enable you to redefine what is possible.

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The number of network-connected products in smart homes, businesses and other facilities is increasing. To provide a seamless experience for users, these smart products require power modules that are dependable, efficient, and use minimal board real estate

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Advances in technology are revolutionizing the way we play and interact. Highly efficient, compact power products are vital to helping engineers pack even more performance into increasingly smaller consumer electronics.

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Societies are placing greater emphasis on preserving natural resources and finding less intrusive ways to subsist. To truly reduce ecological footprints, the applications that support these efforts must be designed with power systems that minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

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Continuous power is vital for designs that will improve personal, home, and corporate security. CUI’s power portfolio is the secure option for engineers seeking ruggedized solutions that keep applications running strong.

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Designing medical applications that can save lives requires power products that meet stringent quality standards, regulatory requirements and life cycle protocols.

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Technology is changing how we transport goods and products around the world. Power is becoming crucial in these traditional systems to enhance automation and improve productivity.

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Technology is allowing people to interact and communicate like never before. To support the growing demand for power in datacenters and server farms driven by IoT, we have developed a cutting-edge line of power products to address the latest efficiency and density challenges.

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The applications helping us build and shape the world around us demand power supplies that can deliver efficient performance while handling tough environments.

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