AMT - Revolutionizing Encoder Technology

AMT Modular Encoders

The Best of Both Worlds

Durability and Accuracy in One Encoder

CUI's AMT Series is a range of rugged, high accuracy modular encoders available in incremental, absolute, and commutation versions. Thanks to its innovative design, the AMT Series is not susceptible to contaminants such as dirt, dust, and oil that typically plague encoders in industrial environments.

Combined with an operating temperature range from -40°C up to 125°C, high accuracy, simple assembly, and low current draw, the AMT provides a compelling solution for a range of industrial, automation, robotics, and renewable energy applications.


Incremental Encoder Series

  • Incremental output
  • 22 programmable resolutions up to 4096 PPR
    • Quadrature A, B
    • Single pulse index per revolution
  • Line driver output available
  • Radial and axial versions available
  • Up to -40 ~ +125°C temperature range

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Absolute Encoder Series

  • Absolute position via SPI, SSI or RS‑485 interface
  • 12 or 14 bit resolution options
  • One Touch Zero™
  • Incremental output (AMT20)
    • 4 binary resolutions
    • Quadrature A, B
    • Optional Cnt and U/D for direct drive of up/down counter
  • Up to -40 ~ +125°C temperature range

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Commutation Encoder Series

  • Three phase U, V, W communication signals
  • Accommodates 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 20 pole brushless motors, programmable via SPI interface
  • Programmable incremental output
  • One Touch Zero™
  • -40 ~ +125°C temperature range

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AMT Viewpoint™

The AMT Viewpoint™ GUI (Graphical User Interface) is an intuitive simple software tool that allows users to set and control the AMT modular encoder series parameters.

Applicable Models:
AMT11 Series, AMT20 Series, AMT21 Series, AMT23 Series, AMT31 Series

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