Asymmetrical Isolated Dc-Dc Converters


Dual Independently Isolated Outputs

Asymmetrical Isolated Dc-Dc Converters

Ranging from 3 W to 30 W, CUI's line of asymmetrical dc-dc converters are designed with two regulated outputs that are independently isolated from each other. This output feature is an advantage for applications that require multiple voltage rails in space constrained environments, such as motor control circuits, distributed power supply systems, and hybrid module systems. They are available in SIP and DIP packages and offer wide input ranges, robust operating temperatures, and under voltage, over current, and short circuit protections.


  • 3 W ~ 30 W
  • Ultra-wide 4:1 input range
  • Up to 3k Vdc isolation
  • -40 to +105 °C temperature range
  • Efficiencies up to 90%
  • EN 62368-1 certification

Flexible Configuration Options

  • Two independent outputs: power two loads with no electrical connections between them
  • Summed output voltages: connect one output (+) to the other output (–)
  • +/- outputs: connect one output (+) to the other output (-) and use the connection as the output return
  • Negative output referenced to input: connect input ground to either output (+)
Asymmetrical output Dc-Dc drawing

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VAWQ3 Series

3 W, 4:1 Input Range, Single/Dual Regulated Output, 24 Pin DIP, 500/1500/3000 Vdc Isolation, Dc-Dc Converter

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