Custom Power Supplies to Suit Your Unique Needs

Every design comes with a different set of power challenges, which is why we strive to provide you with the ideal custom power supply based on your specific system requirements. Whether you modify our broad portfolio of standard external power adapters, internal ac-dc power supplies, and dc-dc-converters or need a ground-up custom design, we can quickly engineer a solution through our extensive range of customization capabilities. Combined with a collaborative design approach, we offer you the flexibility in developing the custom power supply that is right for your design.

Benefits of a CUI Custom Power Solution

Global Resources
Global Resources We maintain sales, engineering and support staff in EMEA, AsiaPac and the Americas.
Service Dedicated service teams have been established to manage all aspects of service, engineering and manufacturing solutions for fast responses to your requirements.
Time-to-Market We keep development time to a minimum by utilizing a multi-tiered design approach. Our continuous development of next generation technologies, product management tools, in-house prototyping and full-production capabilities ensure we keep your projects on track.
Quality & Reliability
Quality & Reliability We strive for zero defects and high reliability with ISO 9001:2015 qualified processes.
Flexibility We are responsive to your needs with the ability to manage design changes, schedule adjustments, and monitor inventory for optimized technical and commercial solutions.

Custom External Ac-Dc Power Supply Capabilities

We offer numerous modification options on our portfolio of high efficiency wall plug-in and desktop power adapters, making them ideal for your global external power needs.

Custom External
  • 3 W to 300 W
    • Custom case design
    • Custom connectors
    • Modified cord lengths & cables
    • EMI filtering
    • Global safety approvals available
    • Custom case colors
    • Custom labels & branding
    • Custom packaging

Custom Internal Ac-Dc Power Supply Capabilities

From the front-end all the way down to the board, our internal ac-dc power supplies can be customized to meet your specific application requirements.

Custom Internal Ac-Dc
  • 1 W to 12 kW+
    • Non-standard input/output voltages
    • Modified form factors
    • Custom cooling
    • Custom pin-outs
    • Custom safety approvals
    • Extended temperature range

Custom Dc-Dc Converter Capabilities

When dc-dc conversion is required, we can ensure that our dc-dc modules are the ideal fit for your design with multiple customization options available.

Custom Internal Dc-Dc
  • 1 W to 1200 W+
    • Non-standard input/output voltages
    • Adjustable output voltages
    • Modified form factors
    • Custom cooling
    • Custom isolation voltages
    • Custom pin-outs
    • Extended temperature range

Tell Us About Your Custom Power Requirements

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