62368-1 Power Supplies

A Shift to Hazard Based Safety Engineering

IEC 62368-1 is an international safety standard that applies to electronic equipment designed for information and communication technology (ICT) and audio-visual (AV) applications. It combines and replaces the long-standing IEC 60950 (ITE applications) and IEC 60065 (AV applications) standards. The standard approaches product safety differently than those it replaced by applying the principles of Hazard Based Safety Engineering (HBSE), which uses a three-block model to identify hazards and determine appropriate safeguards.

62368-1 AT A GLANCE

Unification and Harmonization

IEC 62368-1 supersedes and unifies 60950-1 and 60065

The US and EU have harmonized the implementation date

The Three Block Model

HBSE visualizes hazards and safeguards utilizing a three-block model that describe the links between energy source, energy-transfer mechanism (figure 1) or safeguard (figure 2), and the user.

Figure 1: HBSE visualizes how a user may be exposed to potentially harmful energy
Figure 2: The HBSE three-block model allows a flexible approach to the design of safety features


Hardware & Peripherals
Wearables, POS terminals, media storage, and thermal printers

Servers, routers, hubs, switches, and modems

Consumer Electronics
Amplifiers, home theater systems, and drones

Displays & Visuals
Monitors, video inspection equipment, video cameras, and projectors

Alarm systems, wireless phones, conferencing systems, and tv cameras

Office Appliances
Printers, scanners, and document shredders

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