A More Efficient IoT with New Adapter Regulations


A More Efficient IoT with New Adapter Regulations

In this article published by Electronics Weekly, CUI’s VP of Global Marketing, Jeff Schnabel, discusses the role Level VI efficiency standards will play in energy savings as the Internet of Things (IoT) boom continues to grow.

The article begins, “Tens of billions of “things” are set to be connected to the Internet over the next few years, but not all will be individual IP-addressable sensors. Many will be gateways that concentrate data received from arrays of devices via links such as Bluetooth or proprietary low-power radio, or wired point-to-point or fieldbus connections. With these devices included, the Internet of Things (IoT) could be gathering data from more than a trillion sensors to be processed and stored in The Cloud.”

Jeff Schnabel goes on to discuss making adapters more efficient, the challenges Level VI presents for power supply designers and how efficiency standards will improve IoT and the environment.

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