Power Forward: APEC 2016 – Plenty of Hardware, But Where Was the Software?


Power Forward: APEC 2016 – Plenty of Hardware, But Where Was the Software?

In the May 2016 EDN Power Forward blog post, Mark Adams, CUI’s Senior VP recaps the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) 2016 held in Long Beach, CA. In the post Adams highlights the show’s continued focus on hardware development, but also notes the overall lack of software which he views as the next step in power supply design.

The article begins, “The products featured at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, CA this year were, for the most part, what you expected to be there. While it could be argued that there seemed little in the way of breakthrough technologies or really exciting new product developments, it would perhaps be fairer to say that the products announced and promoted by a record number of exhibitors represent a maturing of their various hardware developments. With the highest attendance on record, APEC continues to be the preeminent power electronics show in North America and highlights power’s rapid transition from an afterthought to the forefront of electronic design.”

Marks Adams then goes on to discuss the main theme of the article while highlighting CUI’s entrance into the Software Defined Power® space as a result of their recent partnership with Virtual Power Systems (VPS).

He concludes, “…I believe that it is software that will ultimately be the driving force in allowing power electronics to take that next revolutionary leap. Hopefully at next year’s APEC we will see more companies leveraging the power of software to complement the ongoing innovations taking place in the hardware realm.”

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