Software/Hardware System Boosts Data Center Power Availability


Software/Hardware System Boosts Data Center Power Availability

In this article published on Power Electronics, Editor-in-Chief, Sam Davis provides an in-depth look at CUI and partner Virtual Power Systems’ Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) hardware and software technologies in data centers. These Software Defined Power solutions utilize existing infrastructure to deliver more power within data centers by elasticizing it as a resource and dynamically allocating power based on demand.

The article begins, “When power peaks have been mitigated and power dynamically allocated, then available power can be reallocated. The combination of peak mitigation and dynamic power allocation maximize available power utilization. To provide a true hyper-scalable data center, rack power must be able to scale dynamically along with other resources without excessive overprovisioning or expensive and disruptive power-supply upgrades. This can be achieved with a software-hardware combination that optimizes power provisioning.”

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