Solving Power Capacity Challenges with Software Defined Power®


Solving Power Capacity Challenges with Software Defined Power®

In the September 2016 edition of Bodo’s Power Systems, CUI’s Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, discusses power capacity challenges in datacenter infrastructures and how CUI’s partnership with Virtual Power Systems (VPS) is taking a hardware and software approach to solve those inefficiencies. Included with the article is a full-page front cover designed by CUI’s Marketing team.

The article begins, “Running out of power is a constant concern for the operators of data centers and similar IT and communications infrastructure. The fight for footprint optimization while boosting processing and storage capabilities is a never-ending battle. However, the inefficiencies and underutilization of current power supply infrastructures that are designed to meet peak demand can now be avoided using a combination of hardware and software to even out supply loading and optimize the available capacity.”

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