AMT Viewpoint™ Software Delivers a New Level of Intelligence to Rotary Encoders


AMT Viewpoint™ Software Delivers a New Level of Intelligence to Rotary Encoders

CUI Inc today announced availability of the AMT Viewpoint™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) to support their recently released AMT11 incremental and AMT31 commutation encoder series. The AMT family is a rugged, high accuracy encoder based on CUI’s proprietary capacitive encoder platform.  Thanks to the unique technology, AMT encoders are not susceptible to contaminants that typically plague encoders in industrial environments. Additionally, the family’s digital-based design provides users with unprecedented programmability and diagnostic capabilities, both industry firsts.

The simple and intuitive AMT Viewpoint™ software speeds development, allowing users to configure a range of encoder parameters, including resolution, zero position, and in the case of commutation models, pole count and direction of rotation. Additionally, the software provides engineers access to a range of diagnostic data for quick analysis during design or while in the field.  The GUI requires just a USB cable to interface to the encoder, and implements a simple serial-data format.

Programming an encoder through the GUI takes just a few keystrokes and about 30 seconds for the cycle to complete. Most dramatic, the aligning and zeroing of an encoder for either A, B, index or commutation mode takes only seconds, a sharp contrast to completing this task with a non-programmable optical or magnetic encoder, where the multi-step process of physically aligning the commutation signals can take 15 to 20 minutes.

“We are thrilled to combine the AMT Viewpoint™ software with our innovative and intelligent AMT11 and AMT31 encoder models,” stated Jeff Smoot, CUI’s VP of Motion Control. “Our AMT encoder platform delivers an unrivaled combination of accuracy and durability without the need to compromise, while our GUI allows for unmatched visibility and control, creating a powerful pairing for engineers designing motion control systems.” 

The AMT Viewpoint™ software can be downloaded at /amt-register.

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