CUI Announces its Nomination as a Finalist for EDN’s Innovation Award


CUI Announces its Nomination as a Finalist for EDN’s Innovation Award

CUI Inc today announced that it has been named as a finalist for EDN magazine’s 2010 Innovation Awards. Two of CUI’s innovative new products have been nominated; the Novum digital POL modules in the Power Supplies category and the AMT303 commutation encoder in the category of Components, Sensors, Indicators, and Interconnects.

The Novum digital non-isolated DC-DC point-of-load (POL) modules have been developed for designers to realize better energy efficiencies and improved time to market compared to the traditional analog approach. Mark Adams, VP of Advanced Power Marketing for CUI, stated, “We are proud to have received this recognition for our Novum digital power modules. The NDM1 series is the first in a line of advanced power products that will be coming from CUI’s Novum group with a focus on providing smarter, faster, and smaller solutions to the market.”

The AMT303 encoder was selected as a finalist because it represents a breakthrough in commutation encoder technology. The AMT303 generates position information using CUI's patented, capacitive code generation system coupled with a proprietary ASIC. Jeff Schnabel, VP of Marketing for CUI, explained, “CUI is honored to also have the AMT303 selected as a finalist for EDN’s Innovation Award. We truly believe that the AMT303 series represents a breakthrough in commutation encoders, and this industry recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our development team has put into bringing this platform to market.”

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