CUI Gives Back through Manufacturer Rep Organizations


CUI Gives Back through Manufacturer Rep Organizations

In an industry first, CUI Inc has initiated a program designed to give back to the local communities where their manufacturer rep organizations reside. A percentage of total revenue generated by CUI’s rep network is set aside and donated to each firm on an annual basis as a charitable commission intended to be passed along to the charities of their choosing. To date the program has given over $60,000 to a variety of charities across the US including children-focused efforts, a 9/11 fund, a fallen solider fund, and a Gulf clean-up fund.

This giving program has made a significant impact on several of the participating rep organization employees, allowing them to connect in a very personal way with causes that are important to them. “Our team was honored to be able to contribute to a number of charities this year though CUI’s rep giving program, particularly during this slow economic period. The effect of the program has been both emotional and motivational for all our staff,” stated Mark West, Sales Manager at Beacon Electronic Associates.

CUI began this program because they greatly value giving back to their local community, and felt it was important to extend their charitable giving to the regions where their rep partners do business. ”Our rep organizations are a direct extension of CUI and it is important to us that they not only represent our products, but represent the core values of CUI as well,” affirmed CUI’s VP of Worldwide Sales, Mark Adams.

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