CUI Releases 400 W Dc-Dc Converter with Integrated Heat Sink


CUI Releases 400 W Dc-Dc Converter with Integrated Heat Sink

CUI Inc’s power line announced the release of a new line of rugged dc-dc converters that provide 400 W of output power. The VFK400 series is a chassis mount solution measuring 7.8” x 5.0” x 1.5” and includes an integrated heat sink for improved thermal performance. The aluminum heat sink allows the unit to operate at higher temperatures with a minimal amount of air flow.

The VFK400 series accepts an ultra-wide 4:1 input and can support either 10-36 Vdc or 18-75 Vdc isolated input voltages. The wide input range is very useful when being driven from a fluctuating device like a battery which can see both charging and discharging conditions. The dc-dc converter is offered in three different regulated output voltage versions: 12, 24, and 48 Vdc. High efficiency, fast response, tight regulations, remote sense and remote On/Off control make these converters very useful in many industrial and communications applications.

Standard features include over-temperature, over-current, and input transient voltage protection. With an external input fuse, the converter can also protect against accidental polarity reversal. The VFK400 series is available through Digi-Key at $388.94 for 500 pcs. Contact CUI directly for OEM pricing.

Product name: VFK400 Series
Availability: 6-8 week lead-times
Possible applications: High reliability applications
Primary features: 4:1 input in a rugged chassis mount package
Cost: $388.94 per unit through Digi-Key in 500 pcs quantities

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