Digi-Key Honors CUI with Exceptional Sales Performance Award


Digi-Key Honors CUI with Exceptional Sales Performance Award

CUI Inc announced that it received an award for Exceptional Sales Performance Driven by Superior Engagement from their distributor Digi-Key. This award recognizes the unique partnership between CUI and the distributor, and the exceptional dedication the two companies have towards servicing their customers together.

“Digi-Key has been our sole distribution partner for over 20 years, and with the innovative programs and mutual approach towards the business relationship, we are realizing incredible success this year and expect this to continue well into the future,” stated CUI’s VP of Worldwide Sales, Mark Adams.
CUI product sales through Digi-Key are up +39% in Q1 2010 in comparison to Q1 2009. Furthermore, CUI added 5,000 additional customer site engagements in the same time period.

“We are proud to present CUI with an award recognizing a partnership of high-level global engagement,” said Jeff Shafer, Digi-Key’s Vice President of Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical Product. “We look forward to continuing a successful partnership with CUI,” concluded Shafer.

Adams affirmed, “Digi-Key is not our distributor, they are our partner. When we work with Digi-Key, we try to approach the business relationship from a direction different than any other manufacturer/distributor.”