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CUI's External Ac-Dc Power Supplies Now Meet Europe's CoC Tier 2 Standards

CUI's external adapters, which were already compliant with the US DoE's Level VI efficiency standards, now meet the EU's more stringent CoC Tier 2 directive. This proposed law tightens the efficiency requirements under a low-load condition for external ac-dc power supplies and looks set to become a mandatory Ecodesign rule in January 2018. The product enhancement supports CUI's goal to help customers stay ahead of rapidly-evolving efficiency regulations and future-proof their designs.

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New Products

High Performance Dc Axial Fans

CUI's line of dc axial fans is designed to provide you with a cooling solution no matter the requirement, ranging in size from 40 mm to 120 mm with up to 200 CFM of output.

  • Rated speed up to 8,300 RPM
  • Low rated currents from 0.1 ~ 1.4 A
  • Static pressure values from 2.79 ~ 19.8 mm H2O
  • Dual-ball-bearing construction
  • Auto-restart protection standard on all models
  • PWM control, tachometer signal, and rotation detect options

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Open Frame Ac-Dc Power Supplies up to 280 W

The VOF-185, VOF-225 and VOF-280 series are higher-power additions to CUI's latest-generation open frame ac-dc power portfolio now ranging from 6 to 280 W. The power supplies offer a combination of economy and performance in a compact, industry standard 3" x 5" footprint.

  • 185, 225, and 280 Watt models
  • Efficiency up to 91%
  • UL/cUL, TUV, CE certification
  • Conducted EMI meets EN55022 class B and FCC class B
  • Low no-load power consumption

VOF-185 | VOF-225 | VOF-280

Compact Peltier Modules

CUI's expanded line of Peltier thermoelectric cooling (TEC) devices now feature a wider ΔTmax and additional footprint options. Thanks to their solid state design, the modules are ideal for a variety of applications where size and reliability are critical concerns.

  • Sizes from 10 x 10 mm to 70 x 70 mm
  • Heights as low as 3.1 mm
  • Imax from 0.8 ~ 15 A
  • Solder melting point up to 235℃
  • ΔTmax (Th=27℃) up to 95℃
  • Single- and dual-stage models

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AMP Group® Members Discuss the Latest on the Power Consortium

In this video, CUI, Ericsson and Murata, founders of the Architects of Modern Power® (AMP Group), discuss the expanding trend of cloudification and how it is driving the need for more power. In order to sustain this growth, suppliers who facilitate the development of intelligent power supplies will be key to ensuring supply chain security.

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The Ever-Moving Goal Posts of Efficiency Standards

Jeff Schnabel, CUI's VP of Global Marketing, discusses the rapidly evolving legislation surrounding the efficiency of external power supplies, including the DoE's Level VI and the EU's CoC Tier 2 standards. The result is an increasing pressure on equipment suppliers to deliver products that draw less and less power.

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Digi-Key Features CUI's 1x1 Dc-Dc Converters

In this video, Digi-Key highlights CUI's 15 W and 25 W 1" x 1" dc-dc converters. The PRD15 and PRD25 are compact, low profile dc-dc converters house in an industry standard, open frame package, making them ideal replacements for larger 1" x 2" modules.

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