Bridging the Cost-Performance Gap


Discover the Latest in Fan Bearing Technology

Bridging the Cost-Performance Gap

At the very heart of a dc fan—both literally and figuratively—is the bearing that enables the rotor to turn. A typical fan will need to make a significant number of rotations during its lifetime, so a lot gets asked of the bearing. It is, therefore, crucial that it is up to the task. Read this whitepaper to learn how CUI’s omniCOOL™ system bridges the gap between traditional sleeve and ball fan bearings, thanks to the combination of its magnetic structure and enhanced sleeve bearing design.

Key Learnings:

  • Types of fan motor bearings
  • Pros and cons of different bearing types
  • How the omniCOOL system improves fan design
  • Life expectancy comparison: omniCOOL system vs. standard sleeve bearing
  • How the omniCOOL system solves long-standing challenges of fan motor design

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