NDM2Z-25A POL Demo Kit

25 A Demo Kit

NDM2Z-25HT Demo Kit
NDM2Z-25HT Demo Kit
NDM2Z-25HT Demo Kit Close Up
NDM2Z-25HT Demo Kit Group with Dongle


Safety & Compliance



The NDM2-25A POL Demo Kit is designed to allow a user simple access to the advanced digital features of the 25 A NDM2Z-25 point of load series.  When mated with CUI’s Novum ACE™ GUI, users can easily test and configure the module to help develop an optimized board-level power system.


Model Number Description Stock Check RFQ
NDM2Z-25HT-DEMO-D 25 A Demo Kit with GUI dongle Stock Check NDM2Z-25HT-DEMO-D Request a Quote
NDM2Z-25HT-DEMO-ND 25 A Demo Kit without dongle Stock Check NDM2Z-25HT-DEMO-ND Request a Quote