Running out of power is a constant concern for the operators of data centers and similar IT and communications infrastructure. The fight for footprint optimization while boosting processing and storage capabilities is a never-ending battle. To address this growing problem, CUI has partnered with Virtual Power Systems to deliver ICE - a software/hardware solution that uses an existing infrastructure footprint to deliver more power within the data center by elasticizing it as a resource. It intelligently and dynamically allocates power to racks, branch circuits and IT nodes, with constant awareness of power consumption needs across the data center topology.

With the ICE system, data center operators can realize a 15-25% reduction in operating costs and a 40-60% in capital expenditures.



Greatly improve existing power and IT footprint utilization while streamlining infrastructure management.


The ability of ICE to automatically identify new hardware ensures power availability and reduces the complexity of adding or replacing servers, racks, pods or containers.


By placing peak load shaving and backup power directly in the rack, ICE eliminates single points of failure at a much lower cost than other solutions.


The innovative ICE Software tightly integrates with ICE Hardware automatically discovering new system hardware, monitoring power behavior and tracking data center usage patterns in real-time.

System Overview


Peak Shaving

The ICE system, paired with CUI's ICE Block, employs peak shaving principals to free-up redundant supply capacity. By profiling power demand and employing battery storage, it is possible to manage peak demand using power stored during low utilization periods.

Dynamic Redundancy

In data centers providing 2N SLA (Service Level Agreements) to customers, there is typically twice the amount of electrical infrastructure built out to support the defined peak load. This means the power system is always over provisioned to support existing applications.

CUI's ICE Switch, deployed in conjunction with VPS's ICE Software Application Suite, enables a data center provider to tap into that excess power and utilize it for Non-Critical SLA applications without affecting/disturbing a 2N SLA applications already in place.

In the event of a failure on one of the feeds, power is routed to the 2N SLA applications, with remaining power sent to Non-Critical applications based on priority levels set in the ICE software suite.

One Platform, Three Ways to Maximize Power Utilization

The ICE Software Application Suite utilizes the existing infrastructure footprint to deliver more power within the data center by elasticizing it as a resource. It intelligently and dynamically allocates power to racks, branch circuits and IT nodes, with constant awareness of power consumption needs across the data center topology.

Rack Share

  • Power can be intelligently distributed across racks depending upon need and historical usage patterns. Recover lost power and improve efficiency of the current power infrastructure.
  • Automatically allocate power availability in real-time to racks and branch circuits protecting mission critical computing needs.
  • Leverage power caches in real-time to lower peak power loads.
  • Limit the use of additional power through dynamic provisioning of new components.
  • Quickly pinpoint failing or failed power equipment for higher availability and SLA.

Node Share

  • Intelligently distribute power to individual nodes based on demand and historical patterns to improve efficiency and utilization of infrastructure.
  • Boost granularity of power control with node level protocols that are implemented automatically based on priority and availability.
  • Dynamic power capping eliminates severe changes in IT node performance while maintaining world class SLAs.

Source Share

  • Take advantage of multiple power sources depending upon availability, cost or demand.
  • Apply backup generators and secondary sources as amplifiers of power capacity and not as fail-overs.
  • Raise the productivity of renewable power sources in a dramatically smaller footprint.

Controlled by the ICE Software Application Suite

Automate or Eliminate Manual Tasks

  • Workload Placement
  • Power Capacity Budgeting
  • Demand Response
  • Peak Price Optimization
  • Maintenance

Deep Visibility & Smart Decisions

  • Failure Prediction
  • Dry Run Decisions
  • Real Time Operating Health

Hardware Overview

ICE Block

Manufactured by CUI, the ICE Block power supply system offers a plug and play way to bring the benefits of elastic power to data centers. Designed as modular rack mountable shelves, CUI's innovative design enables racks to take advantage of the ICE Software Stack and realize the benefits of Software Defined Power. Best of all, it is designed to work with the IT equipment you already have or are planning to buy.

One Design / Multiple Deployment Options


  • Modular Design for Ac use
  • 4U Height by 19” Width
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • Li Ion Battery Chemistry
  • 12 kW Output
  • 208 ~ 240 V Input Feeds
  • 208 ~ 240 V Output Feeds
  • Single & Three Phase SKUs

In the Rack

  • Rack Level Blast Radius
  • 12 kW Output Per Rack

End of row

  • Stackable to Ten Units
  • 120 kW Output
  • N+1 Redundancy Per Phase

ICE Switch

The ICE Switch is a product designed to unlock unutilized power within the data center by providing dynamic redundancy for mission critical 2N applications. The unit consists of two identical modules which are mounted in a common 19” shelf. Each module is independently hot swappable without impacting the other module.


  • Single or 3 phase configurations
  • Hot swappable
  • Up to 50 A of current switchable per module
  • Real time collection of power, sensor, and diagnostic data
  • Automatic module recognition and registration


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