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Ac-Dc & Dc-Dc Power Supplies

Your Power Expert.

As a leader in the power supply industry, we realize that power is playing an increasingly critical role in your designs. We also know that it can be difficult to stay current on the latest power trends and regulations. To keep you one step ahead, we seek to integrate cutting-edge technologies and design techniques in our ac-dc and dc-dc power modules. Combined with robust custom power engineering capabilities, our mission is to be the trusted power expert for your most demanding applications, now and in the future.


Industry Solutions


Power supplies designed and certified to meet the stringent safety requirements of medical devices.

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Transportation & Logistics

Technology is changing how we transport goods and products around the world. Power is becoming crucial in these traditional systems to enhance automation and improve productivity.

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Addressing efficiency, density, and transient response challenges in next generation networking equipment.

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Ac-dc power supplies and dc-dc converters suited to meet the unique demands of industrial applications.

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