Solus® Power Topology - APEC 2014

CUI Director of Engineering for Novum Advanced Power, Fariborz Musavi, talks with Don Tuite at APEC 2014 about the Solus® Power Topology and the advantages it provides in isolated and non-isolated dc-dc converter designs through a significant reduction in switching and conductivity losses.

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Novum® Advanced Power

Advanced Power Modules for Distributed Power Applications

Novum® Advanced Power is pushing the envelope in efficiency, power density, and intelligent power management to keep your designs ahead of the curve. As the complexity of powering next-generation networking equipment continues to grow, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technologies highlighted by our proprietary Solus® Power Topology to help you meet these challenges head-on.

Novum<span class='reg-mark'>&reg;</span> Advanced Power

Digital POL

Our PMBus compliant digital dc-dc point-of-load modules incorporate a wealth of power management and monitoring features, providing an intelligent solution for power system optimization.

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Intermediate Bus

At the leading-edge of the power curve, our intermediate bus dc-dc converters have been engineered to take on the rising power density challenges in next generation networking equipment.

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Featured Products

NDM2Z Series

Digital point-of-load module offers voltage tracking, voltage monitoring, and active current share, among many other advanced features.

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NDM3ZS-60 Series

The NDM3ZS-60 is the first non-isolated converter from CUI to incorporate our proprietary Solus® Power Topology.

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NDM3Z-90 Series

The NDM3Z-90 is designed specifically to address the increasing current needs of the latest processors, FPGAs and other advanced integrated circuits.

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