Advanced Power Supplies

Advanced Power Modules for Distributed Power Applications

As the world continues to connect at a rapid pace, advances in microprocessors have forced engineers to seek out solutions to increasingly complex power challenges at the board level. Lowering core voltages, tighter tolerances, rapidly rising power densities, and digital communication requirements have created a number of difficulties for design engineers. To help you meet these challenges head-on, CUI has developed a line of products specifically designed to deliver class-leading performance in distributed power applications. The Novum® portfolio spans a range of board level power products, from isolated intermediate bus dc-dc converters to non-isolated point of load modules, all available with PMBus™ digital communication. CUI products carrying the Novum name are guaranteed to deliver the highest levels of performance and intelligence, allowing you to meet the needs of your next-generation design.

Key Challenges

Rising Power requirements

Rising Power

Lower Core Voltages

Lower Core

Tighter Tolerances


Less Available Space

Less Available


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Intermediate Bus Dc-Dc Converters

Intermediate Bus Dc-Dc Converters

Digital and analog models from 264 to 468 watts. Learn More 

Digital Point of Load Dc-Dc Converters

Digital Point of Load Dc-Dc Converters

PMBusTM compliant digital POL modules from 12 to 90 amps. Learn More