VOF-10 Series
10 W, Single Output, Open Frame, PCB Mount, Ac-Dc Power Supply

The VOF-10 family of economical open frame ac-dc power supplies is available in seven different voltage configurations ranging from 3.3~48 volts dc. Offering low no-load power consumption, the VOF's efficient performance, compact size and competitive pricing make these open frame power supplies ideally suited for a range of consumer, industrial, and ITE applications.


  • Up to 10 W continuous power
  • Universal input voltage range
  • Compact footprint
  • Low no load power consumption
  • Over voltage and over current protections
  • UL/cUL and TUV safety approvals


  • Package Type
    Open Frame
  • Mounting Style
  • Grade

Available Models

Model Number Power (W) Output Voltage (Vdc) Output Current (A) Safety Approvals 3D Model Stock Check Sample Request RFQ
VOF-10-3.3 8 3.3 2.4 TUV, UL/cUL, CE 3D Model VOF-10-3.3 Stock Check VOF-10-3.3 -- -- Request a Quote
VOF-10-5 10 5 2 TUV, UL/cUL, CE 3D Model VOF-10-5 Stock Check VOF-10-5 -- -- Request a Quote
VOF-10-9 10 9 1.11 TUV, UL/cUL -- -- -- -- Request a Quote
VOF-10-12 10 12 0.83 TUV, UL/cUL, CE 3D Model VOF-10-12 Stock Check VOF-10-12 -- -- Request a Quote
VOF-10-15 10 15 0.67 TUV, UL/cUL, CE 3D Model VOF-10-15 Stock Check VOF-10-15 -- -- Request a Quote
VOF-10-24 10 24 0.42 TUV, UL/cUL, CE 3D Model VOF-10-24 Stock Check VOF-10-24 -- -- Request a Quote
VOF-10-48 10 48 0.21 TUV, UL/cUL -- Stock Check VOF-10-48 -- -- Request a Quote