Ac-dc power supplies are power supplies that convert alternating current from the grid into direct current that is needed to power most electronics. From transportation and industrial markets to consumer and IoT applications, ac-dc power supplies are integral components in systems that make the world go round. CUI has set out to demystify power and provide OEMs, design engineers, and software engineers with solutions for their systems. We are here to provide power when you need it.

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CUI’s Ac-Dc Power Portfolio

As a leader in the power supply industry, we realize that power is playing an increasingly critical role in your designs. To address your diverse power challenges, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of ac-dc power supplies available in both external and embedded configurations. With a host of features, our switching power supplies have been designed to support the needs of applications across most major markets. We also understand that energy efficiency plays a crucial role in your design decisions, so we have set out to push the energy efficiency initiative across our entire line-up of ac-dc power supplies. With an unwavering commitment to quality and service, you can trust us to reliably energize your next design.

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Choosing an Ac-Dc Power Supply

In order to assist in selecting the right ac-dc power module for your design, we’ve developed an advanced parametric search tool. Parametric search allows you to filter through our portfolio of ac-dc products based on specifications including: package type, mounting style, footprint, power ranges, and more. Within the search you can also share or download the results as well as view datasheets and check distribution stock.

Benefits of CUI’s Power Supplies

Global Resources
Global Resources We maintain sales, engineering and support staff in EMEA, AsiaPac and the Americas.
Service Dedicated service teams have been established to manage all aspects of service, engineering and manufacturing solutions for fast responses to your requirements.
Time-to-Market We keep development time to a minimum by utilizing a multi-tiered design approach. Our continuous development of next generation technologies, product management tools, and full-production capabilities ensure we keep your projects on track.
Quality & Reliability
Quality & Reliability We strive for zero defects and high reliability with ISO 9001:2015 qualified processes.
Flexibility We are responsive to your needs with the ability to manage design changes, schedule adjustments, and monitor inventory for optimized technical and commercial solutions.