Power Up Your Brand

Add Your Logo or Brand Mark

Integrate the power adapter into your product design by adding branding. We work with you to help determine the best placement for your logo. Whether it is adding it to the adapter's label or onto the case (etching, embossing, or silk screening) we can assist in ensuring your adapter represents your company or brand.

CUI Inc offers numerous modification options to our portfolio of high efficiency wall plug and desktop power adapters. Our priority is to provide you with the right product, information, and support to help you during your design process. From branding, mechanical, and electrical modifications to regulatory assistance, our team is ready to help tailor an external power supply to meet your needs. Contact us today to start discussing your customization project!

Customizations require minimum order quantities or values. Depending on the level of modification, minimums will vary. Our sales team is standing by to assist you in selecting what options are right for your design.


Case Colors, Styles, and Textures

Coordinate the color and texture of your adapter's case to match your design. We can work with Pantone® swatches to specifically match your brand or product colors.

Custom Packaging

Take control of every aspect of your product's experience including packaging. From recyclable options with no plastic to custom materials, including branded labels, we can help in preparing the product for the end market.


Dc Plug Options for Every Design

Our standard dc plug offering includes a range of barrel, EIAJ, and USB options. If these don't meet your needs, let us know. You can provide your own plug and we'll integrate it into the design.

Custom Cord Lengths and Materials

Need to modify the length of the cord on your design? We can lengthen or shorten the cable and advise how these modifications may impact safety and regulatory standards. In addition, wire gauge and style (round or flat) can be modified.

Grounding/Shielding, Voltage, and Current Modifications

Electrical and mechanical adjustments can be made inside the case if your performance requirements aren't met by our standard adapters. Including minor voltage and current adjustments as well as grounding and shielding modifications.


Testing and Certification Management

In an ever-changing and complex world of safety regulations and efficiency standards, we're here to help you ensure your adapter meets necessary requirements.

Country-Specific Agency Marks

Selling your product into today's global market place means meeting specific saftety marks in different regions of the world. We know how to help walk you though obtaining the required safeties, even outside of our standard offering. Just let us know how we can help.

Tell Us About Your Custom Adapter Requirements

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