Realizing the Potential of Software-Defined Power


Realizing the Potential of Software-Defined Power

In this article published by EDN, Mark Adams, CUI’s Senior VP, discusses the continued pressure that our data-centric lifestyles have put on our power infrastructure. The article further outlines the demand for power, the move to software-defined power and how the rapidly adopted technology is put into practice.

The article begins, “Modern lifestyles and work patterns are increasingly dependent on storing, accessing, processing, and sharing data. With our smart digital devices, we can create content at will, and publish instantaneously via the Internet. Modern businesses, of course, are huge users of online data, as are government agencies responsible for maintaining security and improving delivery of public services.”

Mark Adams then states that our usage of data continues to rise, ratcheting up our dependence on the power infrastructure. Moreover, impatient consumers who demand immediate gratification will put pressure on data centers to maintain reliability and ensure maximum uptime even with the continued strain on their power networks.

Therefore, Adams notes the move to software-defined power to improve flexibility, efficiency and reliability as the demand for power continues to rise. He outlines the benefits of this growing technology and how it can be put into practice now and in the future.

He concludes, “The software-defined power architecture offers the efficiency improvements and savings not only during the design phase but also in operating costs that infrastructure owners need. Further advantages include increased reliability and the opportunity to implement predictive maintenance, resulting in greater uptime. The transition from analog-based to software-defined power architectures is occurring rapidly. As power-supply design teams gain familiarity with this technology, they will be able to deliver increasingly sophisticated, efficient, and reliable systems quickly and cost-effectively.”

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