Unlocking Digital Power


Unlocking Digital Power

In the February 2015 edition of Bodo’s Power Systems, CUI’s Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, outlines the story behind CUI’s Novum Advanced Power line and how it has taken a different approach to unlocking the true potential of digital power in an industry dominated by larger firms. Included with the article is a full-page front cover featuring CUI which was designed by CUI’s Marketing team.

The article begins, “This is a story of change, a story that began 5 years ago when a small power company entered an uncertain market dominated by larger firms. Unlocking the true potential of digital power has required an approach very different to what had traditionally existed in the power supply industry. This company’s vision to collaborate and think creatively has changed the way the entire industry now approaches the board mount power market.”

Mark Adams then goes into the story behind CUI’s Novum Advanced Power line and the history behind the digital power industry. In attempting to break into the digital power market, CUI was faced with many challenges in meeting the growing demands of the industry. He then outlines how CUI has grown throughout the years and how CUI is working to address these rapidly evolving needs.

The article concludes, “Though still a relatively new entrant into the market, CUI has recognized that the key to unlocking digital power’s true value has required a very different way of thinking. Through collaboration with customers, vendors, and industry peers, barriers that have had the potential to limit adoption of the technology have been broken down. Moving forward, CUI will be a leader and a voice in the industry as the board-level power landscape continues to change.”


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