Power Supplies


The Power to Heal

The medical device industry has become an area of rapid growth and innovation over the past decade as major shifts in global demographics continue to push healthcare standards higher. At CUI we understand that we play a critical role in the value chain as engineers seek to differentiate their products and battle the time to market pressures in this dynamic environment. To support these needs, we focus on the development of medical power supplies that are optimized to deliver leading efficiencies and densities, while also addressing the stringent quality, regulatory, and product life cycle requirements inherent in the medical industry. In doing so we allow our customers to meet the growing demand for smaller, more efficient medical products.

Applications We Serve

  • Diagnostics - Medical imaging, CT scanning, ultrasound, blood analysis
  • Monitoring - Blood pressure monitoring, ECG, EEG
  • Laboratory - Chemical analysis, lab automation
  • Home Patient Care - Medical bed, CPAP, infusion pump
  • Dental - Dental chair, dental LCD display, oral care equipment

Internal Ac-Dc Medical Power Supplies

  • 20 W ~ 550 W
  • 60601-1 certified for 2 x MOPP applications
  • Power densities as high as 30 W per in³
  • No load power consumption as low as 0.3 W
  • Open frame and metal enclosed packages

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External Ac-Dc Medical Power Supplies

  • 6 W ~ 250 W
  • 60601-1-2 4th edition certified
  • Designed for 2 x MOPP applications
  • No load power consumption as low as 0.075 W
  • Wall plug, desktop packages

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