New Isolated DC-to-DC converters for Consumer, Industrial and IoT Applications Released


New Isolated DC-to-DC converters for Consumer, Industrial and IoT Applications Released

Tualatin, OR. [Apr 16, 2024] CUI Inc, a Bel group company, announced two new chassis mount DC-to-DC converters for consumer, industrial and IoT applications. The converters are available in two options: the PST50W series with a 50 W power isolated output and the PST75W series with a 75 W power isolated output.

Both DC-to-DC converters offer 4200 Vdc isolation and an 8:1 input range (9.5 ~ 75), and are available in open-frame and enclosed versions with options for 12, 15, 24, and 28 output voltage. Housed in a chassis mount package, the products have an extended operating temperature range of -40 up to +105°C and feature short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature and undervoltage lockout protections.

With reinforced insulation, the converters are EN/IEC 62368 certified and meet UL 62368 power supply standards. Featuring a built-in EMI filter and baseplate—no longer requiring customers to purchase separately—along with remote on/off control, the converters are a reliable option for EV charging, industrial, and remote telecom applications, such as cell towers. In addition, the converters meet EN 50155 and EN 45545-2 standards, making them suitable for railway designs.

In consumer electronics, industrial automation, and IoT deployments, the chassis mount DC-to-DC converters deliver essential power isolation and safeguarding functionalities for optimal performance and longevity. With a wide input range and comprehensive protection features, these converters ensure stable power delivery in diverse operational environments, meeting the stringent demands of modern applications across various sectors.

The new converters are priced competitively and available immediately. Please contact CUI Inc for OEM pricing or modified and custom designs.

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  • Product series: PST50W, PST75W
  • Applications:  Consumer, Industrial, IoT
  • Distribution availability:  Digikey, Mouser, Farnell Electronics

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