Dc Switching Regulators
Exceedingly Efficient Non‑Isolated Dc‑Dc Converters

Highly Compact, Efficient Dc Regulators


Highly Compact, Efficient Dc Regulators

Designed as a drop-in replacement for linear LM78XX and LM79XX regulators, CUI's family of dc regulators utilize switching technology, creating a highly compact, highly efficient alternative solution. Unlike linear regulators, these dc switching regulators do not require a heat sink, making them ideal for applications where board space is at a premium and energy efficiency is a concern. CUI's dc switching regulator family is available with output currents of 0.5 A, 1 A, 1.5 A, and 2 A.

Product Highlights

  • 500 mA ~ 2 A
  • Pin compatible with TO-220 package LM78XX and LM79XX linear regulators
  • High efficiency up to 97%
  • -40 to +85 °C temperature range
  • No heat sink required