Product Change Notification (PCN)

Product changes allow CUI to improve quality, performance and manufacturing efficiency. As part of our product change process, CUI commits to notification of any change that may affect fit, form, or function of the device. This determination is made by CUI and is based on data available at the time of the PCN release. This notice will typically be given 3 months in advance of the change. While CUI makes every effort to adhere to these requirements, there may be unavoidable circumstances that may result in shorter notification times.

Product changes are thoroughly tested by CUI prior to implementation. In situations where form, function, quality, or reliability are unaffected, CUI does reserve the right to make the changes without notification.

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Date PCN Number Products Notice
2/6/2019 PCN-0451070R-01 PJ-028-SMT-TR, PJ-029-SMT-TR, PJ-071 View PDF
2/6/2019 PCN-0451176R-01 PJ-046, PJ-046H View PDF
1/23/2019 PCN-0451539R-01 MJ1-2503A, PJ-036C, PJ-036D, PJ-040C, PJ-040D, SJ-356XN Series, SJ-357XN Series, SJ1-2503A, SJ1-351X Series, SJ1-351XN Series, SJ1-352XN Series, SJ1-352XNG Series View PDF
12/3/2018 PCN-0920090R-02 CP85 Series View PDF
10/8/2018 PCN-0374233R-01 CSS-0575A-SMT, CSS-0578-SMT View PDF
9/26/2018 PCN-0103214R-01 SMI-AU-1 View PDF
9/20/2018 PCN-0920001R-01 CP130 Series, CP20 Series, CP40 Series, CP50 Series, CP60 Series, CP70 Series, CP85 Series View PDF
8/30/2018 PCN-0374346R-01 CST-931AP View PDF
3/6/2018 PCN-0374182R-01 CEB-35FD29 View PDF
2/5/2018 PCN-65693751R-01 PBK-1 Series, PBK-1-B Series View PDF
1/12/2018 PCN-0374432R-01 CPE-420 View PDF
12/8/2017 PCN-0920070R-01 CP125 Series, CP35 Series, CP40 Series, CP50 Series, CP70 Series View PDF
11/30/2017 PCN-0920090R-01 CP85 Series View PDF
10/2/2017 PCN-65280402R-01 VMS-300 Series, VMS-300-CF Series, VMS-300-CFS Series View PDF
9/28/2017 PCN-0374255R-02 CMI-1240-SMT View PDF
8/29/2017 PCN-0450092R-01 PJ-003A, PJ-003AH, PJ-003B View PDF
8/22/2017 PCN-0451086R-01 PJ-038-SMT-TR, PJ-039-SMT-TR View PDF
8/15/2017 PCN-0450187R-01 PJ-005A View PDF
7/19/2017 PCN-0381289R-02 CDS-13138-SMT View PDF
4/27/2017 PCN-65695027R-01 PBO-3 Series, PBO-3-B Series View PDF
4/20/2017 PCN-0450972R-01 SJ1-351X Series, SJ1-351XN Series View PDF
4/14/2017 PCN-65280210R-01 VUMM-D400-D Series, VUMM-S400-XXR Series View PDF
4/1/2017 PCN-0451100R-01 SJD1-3201-54 View PDF
3/23/2017 PCN-0381408R-01 CMS-160916-30-3 View PDF
2/22/2017 PCN-0381289R-01 CDS-13138-SMT View PDF
2/14/2017 PCN-0103212R-01 SMI-AU-1, SMI-EU-1, SMI-UK-1 View PDF
1/23/2017 PCN-0374255R-01 CMI-1240-SMT View PDF
12/19/2016 PCN-0450214R SD-SN Series View PDF
10/18/2016 PCN-0450250R SD-SN Series View PDF
9/20/2016 PCN-0367226R-01 SDI18-U Series, SDI18-UD Series, SMI18 Series, SWI12-E Series, SWI18-E Series View PDF
8/31/2016 PCN-65690916R-01 V78-1000-SMT Series, V78-500-SMT Series View PDF
3/28/2016 PCN-0450578R-01 SJ-356XN Series, SJ-357XN Series View PDF
1/27/2016 PCN-0365711R-01 SMI24 Series, SMI36 Series View PDF
1/12/2016 PCN-011216-01 SD-BV Series View PDF
12/15/2015 PCN-65710178R_01 VOF-15 Series View PDF
12/15/2015 PCN-65710535R_01 VOF-6 Series View PDF
10/30/2015 PCN-103015-01 CDM-10008, CDM-12008, CDM-13008, CDM-16008, CDM-20008, CDMG13008L-02, CDMG15008-03A, CDMG16008-03, CDS-15158-SMT, CDS-40288, CDS-40288-L100, CEP-1130, CEP-1173, CEP-2202A, CEP-2202AS, CEP-2224, CEP-2250, CEP-2260A, CEP-2272A, CEP-2280, CEP-4411AC, CMC-2242PBL-A, CMC-2742PBJ-A, CMC-2742WBL-25L, CMC-5042PF-AC, CMC-5044PF-A, CMC-5044TF-A, CME-1538-100LB, CMI-1240-SMT, CMR-2747PB-A, CMT-1261-SMT, CMT-1603-SMT, CMT-1604-SMT, CPE-200, CPE-203, CPE-220, CPE-222H, CPE-223, CPE-243, CPE-244, CPE-253, CPE-267, CPE-270, CPE-270H, CPE-2883, CPE-350, CPE-350A, CPE-351, CPE-352, CPE-353, CPE-353A, CPE-400AC, CPE-420, CPE-422AC, CPE-4485, CPE-460, CPE-502, CPE-750, CPE-750PA, CPE-757, CVS-1508, CVS-1708, CVS-2308, CVS-3108 View PDF
10/21/2015 PCN-037-4414R-01 CPE-222H View PDF
9/15/2015 PCN-65690433R-01 VSK-S1 Series, VSK-S2 Series View PDF
8/13/2015 PCN-0450215R-01 SD-SN Series View PDF
4/20/2015 PCN-65691207R-01 VSK-S10 Series, VSK-S10-T Series View PDF
4/20/2015 PCN-65691220R-01 VSK-S5 Series, VSK-S5-T Series View PDF
4/11/2015 PCN-0450951R-01 SR-3501 View PDF
2/10/2015 PCN-0451076R-01 PJ-034-SMT-TR View PDF
11/18/2014 PCN-0450948R-01 MR-2501, MR-3501 View PDF
9/19/2014 PCN-0450090R_01 MJ-2506, MJ-2506N, MJ-2507, MJ-2508, MJ-2508N, MJ-3507, MJ-3536, MJ-3536N, MJ-3536NG, MJ1-2502, MJ1-2503A, PJ-002A, PJ-002B, PJ-003A, PJ-003B, PJ-008A, PJ-008B, PJ-009A, PJ-009B, PJ-010A, PJ-010B, PJ-014D, PJ-017C, PJ-017D, PJ-018, PJ-019, PJ-025, PJ-026A, PJ-026B, PJ-028A, PJ-028B, PJ-029C, PJ-029D, PJ-030C, PJ-030D, PJ-031C, PJ-031D, PJ-032A, PJ-032B, PJ-033A, PJ-033B, PJ-034A, PJ-034B, PJ-035C, PJ-035D, PJ-036D, PJ-037A, PJ-037B, PJ-038A, PJ-039A, PJ-039B, PJ-040C, PJ-040D, PJ-041, PJ-042, PJ-043, PJ-044A, PJ-044B, PJ-045, PJ-046, PJ-047A, PJ-049, PJ-050A, PJ-050B, PJ-051A, PJ-051B, PJ-052C, PJ-053C, PJ-053D, PJ-054, PJ-055C, PJ-055D, PJ-056, PJ-057A, PJ-058A, PJ-058B, PJ-059A, PJ-059B, PJ-071, PJ-073, PJ-102A, PJ-102B, PJ-202A, PJ-202B, SJ-356XN Series, SJ-356XN Series, SJ-357XN Series, SJ-357XN Series, SJ-358XNG Series, SJ-358XNG Series, SJ-358XNG Series, SJ-3598, SJ-435107 Series, SJ-435107 Series, SJ1-2503A, SJ1-351X Series, SJ1-351X Series, SJ1-351X Series, SJ1-351XN Series, SJ1-351XN Series, SJ1-351XN Series, SJ1-352XN Series, SJ1-352XN Series, SJ1-352XN Series, SJ1-352XNG Series, SJ1-352XNG Series, SJ1-352XNG Series, SJ1-352XNG Series, SJ1-352XNG Series, SJ1-353X Series, SJ1-353X Series, SJ1-353X Series, SJ1-353XN Series, SJ1-353XN Series, SJ1-353XN Series, SJ1-353XNG Series, SJ1-353XNG Series, SJ1-353XNG Series, SJ1-353XNG Series, SJ1-353XNG Series, SJ1-353XNG Series, SJ1-353XNS Series, SJ1-353XNS Series, SJ1-353XNS Series, SJ1-354X Series, SJ1-354X Series, SJ1-354X Series, SJ1-354XN Series, SJ1-354XN Series, SJ1-354XN Series, SJ1-355XNG Series, SJ1-355XNG Series, SJ1-355XNG Series, SJ1-355XNG Series, SJ1-355XNG Series, SJ1-355XNG Series, SJD1-3201-54 View PDF
6/30/2014 PCN-50111R-1 VPM-S500-XXR Series, VUF-D400 Series, VUF-S400-XXR Series, VUFM-D400-D Series, VUFM-S400 Series, VUM-D400-D Series, VUMM-D400-D Series, VUMM-S400-XXR Series View PDF
6/20/2014 PCN-062014-01 GA0776 View PDF
5/25/2014 PCN-072514-01 VAT0.25-SMT Series, VAT1-SMT Series, VAT2-SMT Series, VBT0.25-SMT Series, VBT2-SMT Series, VEFT1-D-SMT Series, VEFT1-S-SMT Series, VIBLT1-SMT Series View PDF
5/25/2014 PCN-072514-02 VBT1-SMT Series View PDF
4/29/2014 PCN-042914_01 SD-SN Series View PDF
1/22/2014 PCN-012214-01 CMB-6544PF View PDF
10/14/2013 PCN-101413_01 VMS-365 Series View PDF
8/15/2013 PCN-081513_01 PJ-033A, PJ-033B View PDF
7/20/2013 PCN-072013_01 VAWQ12 Series View PDF
6/7/2013 PCN-060713_01 VGDS1-SIP Series, VHS1-SIP Series View PDF
4/9/2013 PCN-040913_01 CCV-084B16-SMT, CD-1206-SMT, CMI-1240-SMT, CMT-1075-SMT, CMT-1102-SMT, CMT-1203-SMT, CMT-1261-SMT, CMT-1303-SMT, CMT-1603-SMT, CMT-1604-SMT, CSS-0575A-SMT, CSS-0575B-SMT, CSS-0578-SMT, CSS-73B16K-SMT, CSS-95B30-SMT, CSS-H5B43-SMT, CSS-I4B20-SMT, CSS-J4B20-SMT, CSS-J4D20-SMT, CT-1205-SMT, CT-1205C-SMT, CT-1205CL-SMT, CT-1205H-SMT, CT-1212CL-SMT View PDF
4/9/2013 PCN-040913_02 CPE-1785, CST-934AS View PDF
4/3/2013 PCN-040313_01 SD-J Series View PDF
3/19/2013 PCN-031913_01 GF0401M View PDF
3/11/2013 PCN-031113_01 VIBLT1-SMT Series, VWRAT2-SMT Series, VWRBT3 Series View PDF
10/29/2012 PCN-102912_01 VOF-80 Series View PDF
10/29/2012 PCN-102912_02 VOF-25 Series, VOF-45 Series, VOF-65 Series View PDF
8/3/2012 PCN-080312_01 PJ-019 View PDF
6/15/2012 PCN-061512_01 CMS0401KL-1X View PDF
6/15/2012 PCN-061512_02 CMS0401KL-3X View PDF
7/19/2011 PCN-071911_01 VLD24 Series View PDF