CUI recognizes that technology development and product evolution is vitally important in allowing our customers to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. In order to ensure that our customers have access to the most efficient designs, CUI may periodically discontinue older products. While product end of life (EOL) is an established part of the overall product life cycle, we understand that product discontinuation impacts our customers’ business and we are committed to providing notification of obsolescence and a Last Time Buy (LTB) opportunity, where applicable.

CUI’s standard LTB period is a minimum of 3 months from the date of notification, allowing an additional 6 months to take delivery of the ordered product.

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Date EOL Number Products Notice
4/16/2024 EOL-04162024 View PDF
1/16/2024 EOL-01162024 View PDF
10/10/2023 EOL-10102023 View PDF
7/18/2023 EOL-07182023 View PDF
7/11/2023 EOL-07112023 View PDF
4/11/2023 EOL-04112023 View PDF
2/14/2023 EOL-02142023 View PDF
12/20/2022 EOL-12202022 View PDF
12/13/2022 EOL-12132022 View PDF
11/22/2022 EOL-11222022 View PDF
9/13/2022 EOL-09132022 View PDF
8/2/2022 EOL-08022022 View PDF
7/19/2022 EOL-07192022 View PDF
7/5/2022 EOL-07052022 View PDF
6/7/2022 EOL-06072022 View PDF
5/31/2022 EOL-05312022 View PDF
5/24/2022 EOL-05242022 View PDF
4/26/2022 EOL-04262022 View PDF
4/19/2022 EOL-04192022 View PDF
4/12/2022 EOL-04122022 View PDF
4/5/2022 EOL-04052022 View PDF
3/8/2022 EOL-03082022 View PDF
1/19/2022 EOL-01192022 View PDF
1/11/2022 EOL-011122 View PDF
10/12/2021 EOL-101221 View PDF
9/14/2021 EOL-09142021 View PDF
9/8/2021 EOL-09082021 View PDF
4/27/2021 EOL-04272021 View PDF
3/3/2021 EOL-03032021 View PDF
2/10/2021 EOL-02102021 View PDF
2/1/2021 EOL-02012021 View PDF
1/22/2021 EOL-01222021 View PDF
10/26/2020 EOL-102620 View PDF
9/15/2020 EOL-091520 View PDF
8/25/2020 EOL-082520 View PDF
8/3/2020 EOL-080320 View PDF
6/18/2020 EOL-061820 View PDF
4/16/2020 EOL-041620 View PDF
3/10/2020 EOL-031020 View PDF
3/10/2020 EOL-031020_1 View PDF
1/17/2020 EOL-011720 View PDF
11/15/2019 EOL-111219-01 View PDF
11/15/2019 EOL-111319-02 View PDF
11/7/2019 EOL-110719 View PDF
9/3/2019 EOL-090319 View PDF
8/16/2019 EOL-081619 View PDF
8/12/2019 EOL-081219 View PDF
6/25/2019 EOL-062519-01 View PDF
6/25/2019 EOL-062519-02 View PDF
4/30/2019 EOL-043019-01 View PDF
2/12/2019 EOL-021219 View PDF
1/9/2019 EOL-010919 View PDF
12/18/2018 EOL-121818-01 View PDF
12/18/2018 EOL-121818-02 View PDF
11/29/2018 EOL-112918-01 View PDF
10/29/2018 EOL-102918_01 View PDF
10/23/2018 EOL-102318_01 View PDF
10/10/2018 EOL-101018 View PDF
5/21/2018 EOL-052118-01 View PDF
5/21/2018 EOL-052118-02 View PDF
3/27/2018 EOL-032718 View PDF
1/24/2018 EOL-012418 View PDF
4/27/2017 EOL-042717 View PDF
4/3/2017 EOL-040317 View PDF
12/6/2016 EOL-120516-01 View PDF
11/15/2016 111016_01 View PDF
12/17/2015 EOL-121715-01 View PDF
11/30/2015 EOL-113015_01 View PDF
11/11/2015 EOL-110615_01 View PDF
9/14/2015 EOL-091415-1 View PDF
8/13/2015 EOL-081315 View PDF
6/22/2015 EOL-062215_1 View PDF
6/22/2015 EOL-062215_2 View PDF
4/30/2015 EOL-043015 View PDF
4/16/2015 EOL-041515_01 View PDF
4/15/2015 EOL-041515_2 View PDF
3/19/2015 EOL-031915_01 View PDF
1/20/2015 EOL-012015-1 View PDF
9/5/2014 EOL-090514_1 View PDF
8/15/2014 EOL-081514_1 View PDF
7/25/2014 EOL-072514_1 View PDF
5/31/2014 EOL-053114_1 View PDF
4/30/2014 EOL-043014_1 View PDF
3/3/2014 EOL-030314_01 View PDF
11/22/2013 EOL-112213_01 View PDF
8/8/2013 EOL-080813_01 View PDF
8/1/2013 EOL-080113_01 View PDF
7/31/2013 EOL-073113_01 View PDF
5/31/2013 EOL-053113_01 View PDF
9/28/2012 EOL-092812_01 View PDF
9/24/2012 EOL-092412_01 View PDF
7/20/2012 EOL-072012_01 View PDF
8/29/2011 EOL-082911_01 View PDF
4/21/2011 EOL-042111_01 View PDF
2/1/2011 EOL-020111_01 View PDF
5/10/2010 EOL-051010_01 View PDF