Product Discontinuances

CUI recognizes that technology development and product evolution is vitally important in allowing our customers to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. In order to ensure that our customers have access to the most efficient designs, CUI may periodically discontinue older products. While product end of life (EOL) is an established part of the overall product life cycle, we understand that product discontinuation impacts our customers’ business and we are committed to providing notification of obsolescence and a Last Time Buy (LTB) opportunity, where applicable.

CUI’s standard LTB period is a minimum of 3 months from the date of notification, allowing an additional 6 months to take delivery of the ordered product.

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Date EOL Number Products Notice
2/12/2019 EOL-021219 PQA50-DH Series, PQA50-TH Series, PQZ6-D Series, PYB15-H Series, PYB20-H Series, PYB30-H Series, VDSD1-DIP Series, VDSD1-SIP Series, VGDS1-DIP Series, VGDS2-DIP Series, VIESD1-SIP Series View PDF
1/9/2019 EOL-010919 PBK-5-B Series, PBK-5 Series View PDF
12/18/2018 EOL-121818-01 VESD1-DIP Series, VFSD1-DIP Series, VGDS1-SIP Series, VGDS2-SIP Series, VHD1-DIP Series, VHD2-DIP Series, VHS2-SIP Series, VIAS1-SIP Series, VIFSD1-DIP Series View PDF
12/18/2018 EOL-121818-02 VAT2-S12-D12-SMT View PDF
12/3/2018 EOL-120318 SDS-51J View PDF
11/29/2018 EOL-112918-01 PEM2-S12-S15-S-C1 View PDF
10/29/2018 EOL-102918_01 VAT2-S12-D5-SMT, VAT2-S12-D9-SMT, VAT2-S5-D9-SMT View PDF
10/23/2018 EOL-102318_01 V7802-1000-SMT View PDF
10/10/2018 EOL-101018 VGS-100 Series, VGS-25 Series, VGS-50 Series, VGS-75 Series View PDF
9/12/2018 EOL-091218-01 CFM-A225V-322-340, CFM-A225V-322-340-11, CFM-A225V-322-340-20, CFM-A225V-327-405, CFM-A225V-327-405-11, CFM-A225V-327-405-20, CFM-A225V-331-445, CFM-A225V-331-445-11, CFM-A225V-331-445-20, CFM-A238V-321-370, CFM-A238V-321-370-11, CFM-A238V-321-370-20, CFM-A238V-326-440, CFM-A238V-326-440-11, CFM-A238V-326-440-20, CFM-A238V-331-480, CFM-A238V-331-480-11, CFM-A238V-331-480-20, CFM-8020V-139-430, CFM-8020V-139-430-11, CFM-8020V-139-430-20, CFM-8020V-142-450, CFM-8020V-142-450-11, CFM-8020V-142-450-20, CFM-8020V-146-480, CFM-8020V-146-480-11, CFM-8020V-146-480-20, CFM-8025V-442-435, CFM-8025V-442-435-11, CFM-8025V-442-435-20, CFM-8025V-445-450, CFM-8025V-445-450-11, CFM-8025V-445-450-20, CFM-9225V-242-440, CFM-9225V-242-440-11, CFM-9225V-242-440-20, CFM-9225V-339-420, CFM-9225V-339-420-11, CFM-9225V-339-420-20, CFM-9225V-342-440, CFM-9225V-342-440-11, CFM-9225V-342-440-20, CFM-9225V-345-460, CFM-9225V-345-460-11, CFM-9225V-345-460-20 View PDF
8/1/2018 EOL-080118-01 CS-3212 View PDF
8/1/2018 EOL-080118-02 CP150 Series View PDF
6/8/2018 EOL-060818-01 CLF0251MP View PDF
6/7/2018 EOL-060718-01 GF1007C View PDF
5/21/2018 EOL-052118-01 PBK-1-B Series, PBK-1 Series View PDF
5/21/2018 EOL-052118-02 PBK-3-B Series, PBK-3 Series View PDF
3/27/2018 EOL-032718 VFM40-D Series, VFM40-T Series View PDF
1/31/2018 EOL-013118-01 SJ-4252X-SMT Series View PDF
1/29/2018 EOL-012918-01 CFM-6025-13-10, CFM-6025-13-11, CFM-6025-13-20, CFM-6025-13-22, CFM-8025-13-11, CFM-8025-23-11, CFM-8025-23-20, CFM-8025-23-22, CFM-9225-13-11, CFM-9225-23-10, CFM-9225-23-11, CFM-9225-23-20, CFM-9225-23-22 View PDF
1/24/2018 EOL-012418 PLDA25 Series, PLDA40 Series, PLDA50 Series, PLDA60 Series, PLDS100 Series, PLDS60 Series, VLED15 Series View PDF
11/20/2017 EOL-112017-01 GA0729 View PDF
11/10/2017 EOL-111017-01 CFM-8025-13-22 View PDF
10/19/2017 EOL-101917-01 MD-CV-NUT View PDF
9/18/2017 EOL-091817 M223X000X, M313X000X Series, M487X000X Series View PDF
8/15/2017 EOL-081517 CMS-15116-30-SP View PDF
8/14/2017 EOL-081417 AMT203-DMK View PDF
7/11/2017 EOL-071117-01 CDS-15118B, CDS-15118B-L100, CDS-16098A, CDS-18138A, CMR-120632-2-SP, CMR-150632-2-SP, CMS-15118-25-SP, CMS-15118-30-SP, CMS-160916-30-2, CMS-160918-30-SP, CMS-16098-30-SP, CMS-18138-25-SP View PDF
6/2/2017 EOL-060217-01 MD-XXSF Series, MD-XXSFK Series, MD-XXSMW Series View PDF
5/8/2017 EOL-050817-01 CMS-160916-30-SP View PDF
4/27/2017 EOL-042717 2.5-5 W Multi-Blade Series, EPS 5W USB Series View PDF
4/3/2017 EOL-040317 VGS-25-5 View PDF
2/28/2017 EOL-022717-01 JR205A Series, JR205C Series, JR205D Series, JR55C Series View PDF
2/28/2017 EOL-022717-02 JR215 Series View PDF
12/6/2016 EOL-120516-01 VDRS-10 Series View PDF
11/15/2016 111016_01 PSF-100-CNF Series, PSF-100 Series, PSF-155-CF Series, PSF-155-CNF Series, PSF-75-CNF Series, PSF-75 Series View PDF
11/2/2016 EOL-110216 EC09P20V-217 View PDF
4/7/2016 EOL-040716_01 PJ-034A, PJ-034B View PDF
1/28/2016 EOL-12816-01 AMK-0000, AMK-0001, AMK-0002, AMK-0003, AMK-0004, AMK-0005, AMK-0013, AMK-0016, AMK-0017, AMK-0026, AMK-0051, AMK-0056, AMK-0059, AMK-0060, AMK-0061, AMK-0062, AMK-0103, AMK-0221, AMK-0222, AMK-0223, AMK-0224 View PDF
12/17/2015 EOL-121715-01 VOF-10-48, VOF-10-9, VOF-15-9 View PDF
11/30/2015 EOL-113015_01 VBSD0.25-DIP Series View PDF
11/11/2015 EOL-110615_01 VOF-25 Series, VOF-45 Series, VOF-65 Series View PDF
11/6/2015 EOL-110615 GF0251M View PDF
9/14/2015 EOL-091415-1 VBD10-D5 Series View PDF
8/26/2015 EOL-08262015 CMT-1303-SMT View PDF
8/13/2015 EOL-081315 EMSA 18W Series, EMSA 18W UN Series, EMSA 30W Series, EMSA 40W Series, EMSA 5W USB Series, EMSA 6W Series, EPS 6W Series, EPSA 18W EU Series, EPSA 20W Series, EPSA 24W Series, EPSA 6W EU Series, EPSA 6W Series, ETSA 100W U Series, ETSA 12W UD Series, ETSA 18W U Series, ETSA 18W UD Series, ETSA 40W U Series, ETSA 40W UD Series, ETSA 60W U Series, ETSA 60W UD Series, ETSA 90W UD Series, EPSA 18W UK Series, EPSA 6W UK Series, EPA060100-P5-SZ, EPA090050-P5-SZ, EPA090050-S-T-SZ, EPA090100-P5-SZ, EPA090100-S-T-SZ, EPA120050-P5-SZ, EPA120050-S-T-SZ, EPA120100-P5-SZ, EPA120100-P5R-SZ, EPA120100-S-T-SZ, EPA160025-P5-SZ, EPA240050-P5-SZ, EPA240050-P5R-SZ, EPA240050-S-T-SZ View PDF
8/13/2015 EOL-08132015-01 CS-3224 View PDF
6/22/2015 EOL-062215_1 EPSA 5W EU USB Series, EPSA 5W USB Series View PDF
6/22/2015 EOL-062215_2 EPSA 12W EU Series, EPSA 12W Series, EPSA 12W UK Series View PDF
5/8/2015 EOL-05082015_01 CDM-15008 View PDF
4/30/2015 EOL-043015 VASD1-DIP Series, VASD1-SIP Series View PDF
4/16/2015 EOL-041515_01 VSKM-S5 Series View PDF
4/15/2015 EOL-041515_2 VHS-45, VHS-95, UF224S Series View PDF
3/19/2015 EOL-031915_01 ETS 150W U Series View PDF
1/20/2015 EOL-012015-1 VASD1-S12-D15-SIP View PDF
12/3/2014 EOL-120314_01 CEP-1108 View PDF
9/15/2014 EOL-091514_01 CCV-084B16-SMT View PDF
9/5/2014 EOL-090514_02 CEP-1160 View PDF
9/5/2014 EOL-090514_1 VSCP-1K2 Series, VSCP-1K5 Series, VSCP-2K0 Series, VSCP-2K4 Series, VSCP-600 Series, VSCP-800 Series, VSUP-1K2 Series, VSUP-1K5 Series View PDF
8/22/2014 EOL-082214_01 AMT 102 Line Driver Series, AMT 103 Line Driver Series View PDF
8/22/2014 EOL-082214_02 AMT30-V Kit, AMT303-DMK View PDF
8/15/2014 EOL-081514_1 VOF-80 Series View PDF
7/25/2014 EOL-072514_1 VPM-S400 Series View PDF
5/31/2014 EOL-053114_1 VPF-S200-XX, VPF-S200-XXRI Series View PDF
4/30/2014 EOL-043014_1 VSKM-S10 Series, VAT0.25-SMT Series, VAT1-SMT Series, VBT1-SMT Series, VBT2-SMT Series, VEFT1-D-SMT Series, VEFT1-S-SMT Series, VIBLT1-SMT Series, VWQAS2-SIP Series, VWQBS2-SIP Series, VWRAS2-SIP Series, VWRAT2-SMT Series, VWRBS2-SIP Series, VWRBT2-SMT Series View PDF
3/3/2014 EOL-030314_01 V7802-1500, V7802-1500R, V7802-2000 View PDF
11/22/2013 EOL-112213_01 EPS 5W EU Series View PDF
8/16/2013 EOL-081613_01 SJD-3510-33, SJD-3510-45, SJD-3512-33, SJD-3512-45 View PDF
8/8/2013 EOL-080813_01 VPU-S200 Series View PDF
8/5/2013 EOL-080513_01 AMT203303-10CS036, AMT203303-10CSL036 View PDF
8/1/2013 EOL-080113_01 VASD2-DIP Series, VBSD2-DIP Series, VESD2-DIP Series, VFSD2-DIP Series View PDF
7/31/2013 EOL-073113_01 VBSD1-SIP Series, VBSD2-SIP Series, VESD1-SIP Series, VFSD2-SIP Series, VRX3-DIP Series, VWRBS3 Series, VWRBT3 Series View PDF
5/31/2013 EOL-053113_01 VASD2-SIP Series, VBSD1-DIP Series, VBT0.25-SMT Series, VESD2-SIP Series, VFSD1-SIP Series, VWRAS1-SIP Series, VWRAS3 Series, VWRBS1-SIP Series, VYB10W Series, VYB10W-T Series, VYB15W Series, VYB15W-T Series, VYB20W Series, VYB20W-T Series, VYC30W Series, VYC30W-T Series View PDF
3/26/2013 EOL-032613_01 CPE-168 View PDF
12/6/2012 EOL-120612_01 RCJ-33XXX Series View PDF
9/28/2012 EOL-092812_01 FSC-S15 Series, FSC-S30 Series, FSC-S5 Series, FSK-S15 Series, FSK-S30 Series, FSK-S5-XX Series, PTK15-Q24-T Series, PTK15-Q48-T Series, PTK25-D24-T Series, PTK25-D48-T Series, PK10-D5 Series, PK15-D5 Series, PK25-D5 Series, PTK10-Q24 Series, PTK10-Q48 Series, PTK15-Q24 Series, PTK15-Q48 Series, PTK25-D24 Series, PTK25-D48 Series View PDF
9/24/2012 EOL-092412_01 VASD0.25-DIP Series, VASD0.25-SIP Series, VBSD0.25-SIP Series View PDF
9/14/2012 EOL-091412_01 SJ-43502PM, NFO-M2 Series, NFO Series, NLM2 Series, NSW-36-2MD-NM15, NHF Series, NHO-H Series, NHO Series, NHS Series, NMC Series, NSA Series, NSB Series, NSC-S Series, NSC Series, NSE Series, NSN Series, NSO-S Series, NSO Series, NSV Series, NSW Series View PDF
7/20/2012 EOL-072012_01 VLD24 Series View PDF
6/29/2012 EOL-062912_01 PJ-002A-SMT, PJ-002B-SMT, PJ-014C-SMT, PJ-014D-SMT, PJ-015A-SMT, PJ-015B-SMT, PJ-030C-SMT, PJ-030D-SMT, PJ-036A-SMT, PJ-036B-SMT, PJ-037A-SMT, PJ-037B-SMT View PDF
6/1/2012 EOL-060112_01 103A, 103A-C-BK, 103A-C-RD, 105A, 105A-C-BK, 105A-C-RD, 110AN, 110AR, 110AR-C-BK, 110AR-C-RD, 110ARS, 110ARS-C-BK, 110ARS-C-RD, 110AS, 110AS-P-BK, 110AS-P-RD, BA-0010, BA-0060, BA-0210, BA-0260, BA-0310, BA-0410, BA-0610, BA-1010, BA-1210, BA-2010, BA-2110, BA-2560, BA-4030 View PDF
5/4/2012 EOL-050412_01 JR55A Series, JR55D Series View PDF
12/13/2011 EOL-121311_01 SJD-3511-33, SJD-3511-45 View PDF
9/30/2011 EOL-093011_01 RME12 Series View PDF
9/6/2011 EOL-090611_01 SJ-353XNGS Series View PDF
8/29/2011 EOL-082911_01 VDN1-S5-DI-DIP Series, PK6-D5 Series, VABD3-D12 Series, VABD3-D24 Series, VABD6-D12 Series, VABD6-D24 Series, VABD6-D48 Series, VAD7R5-D12 Series, VAD7R5-D24 Series, VAD7R5-D48 Series, VAS1R5-S12 Series, VAS1R5-S24 Series, VAS1R5-S28 Series, VAS1R5-S48 Series, VAS1R5-S5 Series, VBBD7R5-D12 Series, VBBD7R5-D24 Series, VBBD7R5-D48 Series, VBD7R5-D12 Series, VBD7R5-D24 Series View PDF
4/21/2011 EOL-042111_01 Battery Charger Series View PDF
2/8/2011 EOL-020811_01 GA1009 View PDF
2/1/2011 EOL-020111_01 15 W Multi-Blade Series, 15 W Wall Plug Series, 18 W Multi-Blade Series, 20 W Desktop Series, 40 W Desktop Series, 6 W Multi-Blade Series, 60 W Desktop Series View PDF
6/4/2010 EOL-060410_01 AME Series View PDF
5/10/2010 EOL-051010_01 ETS050250SUDC-P5P-KH, EPS050250UPS-P5P-KH, EPS120100UPS-P5P-KH, EPS240050UPS-P5P-KH View PDF